Stories Behind

Villa Naldera (Lady Metcalfe's Mansion)
Lady Alexandra Metcalfe was born Alexandra Naldera Curzon in 1904, into circles of great power and pomp. Her father, George Nathaniel Curzon, Harold Nicolson's "Very Superior Person", first and last Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, later Foreign Secretary and Viceroy of India. Along with her extensive charity work, she had inherited her father's passion for distant places and even in old age was an indomitable traveller, impervious to the discomforts of package travelling especially when visiting her beloved Naldera, the villa she built in Corfu in the Fifties. It is there where she took time to relax, enjoy the impeccable view and write her diaries which are filled with amazing stories about her travels and the unique people that she met.

Villa Alpha: It was the first Resort built by a Greek-Egyptian in the 1960’s, which has been visited throughout the years by a great number of international jetsetters. The property was completely renovated during the winter of 2013/14 by the owners, who have utilised their extensive experience in Luxury property management to ensure the Villa exceeds your expectations of a wonderful stay in Corfu.