Personal Trainer
Don’t lose a day from your personal training program, as we can arrange for a personal trainer to visit the Villa premises upon request. (additional cost)

For tennis lovers, Tennis lessons can be offered at the ‘Villa Alpha’. (additional cost)

You can take some Golf lessons at the Corfu Golf Club. It’s a 15km drive from ‘Villa Naldera’ and a 13km drive from ‘Villa Alpha’.

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Horse-riding at the ‘Silvaland’
Silvaland is dedicated to offering unique, positive and fun experiences for its guests, that involve horses, other animals and the natural environment. So for animal lovers, this is a place to visit and definitely enjoy riding lessons. There you will also get the chance to see the rarely found Skyrian Horses as Sylvaland is one of the few breeding spots in Greece.
Therapeutic riding.
It is an 8km drive from both the Villas.
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Water Sports
Located in a sheltered bay, the Corcyra Watersports Center is ideal not only for experienced watersport enthusiasts but also for first timers. A wide range of fun options is offered by the experienced staff, including waterskiing, wakeboarding, inflatable rides, paragliding etc.
It is a 5min walk from Villa Alpha and a 3.5km drive from Villa Naldera.
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